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Wesleyan History Comic One: JOHN WESLEY

Written by Ronn Kerr, illustrated by Bill McPheeters. The story focuses on the adventures of the young John and Charles Wesley on their journey to Georgia with General Oglethorpe to establish communities at Savannah and St. Simons Island. It traces their fears during ocean storms and their admiration of the faith and courage of the Moravians. It follows John in his disastrous attempts to take the Christian faith to the Native Americans near Savannah and Charles in his equally disastrous conflicts with the rugged colonialists at Fort Fredericka on St. Simons Island. Finally, an attempt on Charles' life, John's dangerous journey through the Georgia swamps, and the travails of John's failed romantic relationship with Sophia Hopkey cause the brothers to flee back to England in disgrace. But, the story ends with the new birth of faith experienced by both brothers back in England and their consequent leadership of the religious revival called the Methodist movement.

The comic is twelve 7 1/2 x 9" pages with more than 50 action frames and a full-color cover.

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