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PCUSA Confirmation and Membership PowerPoint & Leader's Guide on CDRom


Often requested, the popular An Adventure in Presbyterian Confirmation and Membership program is now available in a colorful animated PowerPoint presentation on CD Rom. Also on the CD Rom is a printable Adobe Acrobat file (pdf) of the 190-page Leader's Guide, which can be reproduced as many times locally as desired.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader and the Microsoft PowerPoint Player, which can be used to play the PowerPoint without PowerPoint software, are on the CD Rom as well.

The 66-frame PowerPoint Show is the heart of the An Adventure in Presbyterian Confirmation and Membership program. For each weekly session, three to seven frames of the PowerPoint show focus on one of the major themes of the study, the same themes covered in the corresponding chapters in the Confirmation Workbooks, the Adult Membership Books, and the Leader's Guide.

The real uniqueness of this study is in its versatility. And, much of that versatility is because of the design of the PowerPoint Show. It is organized so that it works equally well with a group of twelve year old confirmands using the Confirmation Workbooks or with a group of adult new members using the Adult Membership Books. And, it is relatively easy to either shorten the program into five or six weeks or to expand it into a six-month study by using more or less frames of the show each week.

The unique Leader's Guide (which can be printed locally as often as needed from the CD Rom) provides background information for each frame of the PowerPoint Show so that the only difference between using the program with confirmands and adults is in which books are used.  The bullet-point information in the PowerPoint frames is animated so that each line comes in with a single mouse click for sophisticated audio-visual teaching.

The PowerPoint frames, the Leader's Guide material, and the chapters of the Confirmation Books and the Adult Membership Books all follow the same basic themes: God, Christ, Salvation, Authority, The Early Church, The Medieval Church, The Reformation, Calvin, Knox, the Westminster Assembly, American Presbyterianism, Unique Presbterian Beliefs, Organizations, The Local Church, Worship and the Sacraments, Ministry, Social Principles, Confirmation and Membership.

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