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The New Life After Retirement COUNSELING LEAFLET focuses on how meaningful a new life in retirement can be through faith and commitment to God's mission. The message helps a new retiree understand that his or her new life can be filled with hope and purpose when it is focused on Christ.

Written in first person, it describes in a very personal way the varied feelings encountered by a person that has just retired: a new sense of freedom, finding meaning without work, loneliness, independence, a sense of loss, fear, financial and health concerns, and loss of responsibility and routine. Ultimately, the message arrives at a point of trust in God and hope for new life: "I am not retired. I am reborn, living a new life. My life isn't ending, it's beginning. Although I once thought I was retired because I wasn't needed, I now know that I have been set free because God has much for me to do , a new life for me to live."

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