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The New Life After Marriage COUNSELING LEAFLET is aimed at persons who are planning marriage or have just been married and it aptly evolves around the theme of their new life as married persons.

Written in first person, it describes in a very personal way the varied feelings encountered by newly married persons: the burden of commitment, the joys of growth together, the movement from infatuation to love, the unique "oneness" of the married union, the inevitable conflicts, the changing sexual relationship, and the birth of a new life together. Ultimately, the message arrives at a point of trust in God and awareness of a new married life in Christ: "The kind of dedication that can make our marriage a totally new life is not humanly possible. It lies in a grace that is beyond us. God is moving within and through us, filling us with God's love on top of our romantic love for each other. The mystical oneness of our marriage is an act of God's grace."


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