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The New Life After a Divorce COUNSELING LEAFLET focuses on those persons that are often most in need of the understanding of "new life" -- people who are starting over after the dissolution of a marriage. The message helps them to understand that, with Christ's love and forgiveness, a meaningful new life is possible.

Written in first person, it describes in a very personal way the varied feelings encountered by a person that has just gone through a divorce: loneliness, abandonment, failure, anger at self, others and God, fear, guilt, curiosity about the future, freedom, and loss of love. Ultimately, the message arrives at a point of trust in God and hope for new life: "As I was struggling through my darkest hours, I began to feel that God's love would lead me to a new dawn. With this new awareness, I have learned to love myself and others and God again. New life, new hope, new peace -- these are God's gifts to us. And, like any gifts, all we have to do is reach out and accept them."

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