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Why Me?

The Why Me? COUNSELING LEAFLET faces one of our most difficult counseling situations, the person who asks, "Why Me?" The messasge focuses on the potential for new life in Christ and the importance of it as a witness to others.

Written in first person, it describes in a very pesonal way the varied feelings encountered by a person having suffered a staggering tragedy: abandonment, puzzlement, suffering, self-pity, self centeredness, punishment, anger at self, others and God, fear, and guilt. Ultimately, the message arrives at a point of trust in God and hope for new life: "Where there was a deadness within me, a new spirit has been breathed into me. God has been in the midst of my suffering all the while. There was no pain that pierced me that did not also cut into God. And, now,with God's help, my life can become a testimony to God's love and power."

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