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Presbyterian History Comic Eight: PREACHER-TEACHERS

Written by Jo Kerr, illustrated by Ben Johnson.  An action story illustrating the impact of Presbyterian preacher-teachers on the American frontier. Rev. John Ramsay and his family move to a small frontier town where Ramsay serves as both pastor and teacher.  When Ramsay invites children from the local Native American village, some irate fathers threaten Ramsay with harm.  The Native American children continue to attend the school and local ruffians break into the Ramsay house to drag the preacher-teacher, his children, and his wife outdoors.  Ramsay is severely beaten.  The next day, the Native American children return to school and, in the evening, their fathers come to pick them up dressed in colorful ceremonial clothing.  The townspeople, already stirred up because of the Native American children attending the school, mistake the ceremonial clothing for warpaint and an armed confrontation begins.  Rev. Ramsay and his children kneel and pray between the hostile parties and, through their courageous witness, the confrontation is defused.

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