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Presbyterian History Comic Seven: THE TENNENTS

Written by Jo Kerr, illustrated by Brad Allen.  In 1718, a Presbyterian family named Tennent came from Ireland to America where they eventually settled in Neshaminy, Pennsylvania.  William Tennent, pastor and teacher, taught his children at home and, gradually, a large number of children and youth from the community began coming to this new "school" in the Tennents' home.  Eventually, the school for children and youth evolved into a college for training the ministers needed for the many new Presbyterian churches starting in the colonies.  As this seminary grew, eventually a log building was built on the Tennents' farm, which came to be known as the Log College.  Ministers trained at the Tennents' Log College became leaders in the great religious revival in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and other colonies known as the Great Awakening.  Built on the model of the Tennents' Log College, several more log colleges were built and many of these evolved into great universities like Princeton, Dickinson, and Washington and Jefferson.

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