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Presbyterian History Comic Six: JOHN KNOX

Written by Jo Kerr, illustrated by Tom Armstrong.  In 1547 in Scotland, Protestants and Catholics were fighting and even killing one another.  A young Protestant preacher, John Knox was one of the Protestants who controlled a major castle at St. Andrews on the seacoast.  The castle was attacked by troops of the governor of Scotland by land and ships of the French navy by sea.  After many weeks of seige and bombardment from both land and sea, the Protestants in the castle surrendered and many, including John Knox became prisoners and had to serve as galley slaves on French war ships.  During a major sea battle, John Knox saved the life of his overseer on the ship and the overseer eventually became John's friend and secured his release.  Unable to return to his native Scotland because a bitter war was raging between Catholics and Protestants, John migrated to England where he became the preacher in the king's court.  When a new king came to the throne of England, John Knox had to flee and he ended up in Geneva, Switzerland with John Calvin and other Protestants.  Knox served as pastor of a church in Geneva, then of a church in Germany, and finally he returned to his homeland where he served the rest of his days as the greatest preacher and church leader in Scotland.  Through the courage and faith of John Knox, the Presbyterian form of the Protestant Reformation became one of the world's largest religious movements establishing thousands of churches and schools in Europe and America.

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