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Presbyterian History Comic Five: JOHN CALVIN

Written by Jo Kerr, Iilustrated by Tom Armstrong.  As a collegian in Paris, the young John Calvin began making speeches and writing tracts and books calling for reform in the Catholic Church.  When John's close friend, Nicholas Cop, was elected rector of the university, the two young men developed a powerful message for reform to be delivered as Cop's acceptance speech.  The speech caused a major tumult and set in motion a government crackdown on the reformers.  Many were arrested, some were beaten and killed, and others had to hide out to avoid being arrrested or shot.  Calvin fled on horseback to Geneva, Switzerland where he joined many other reformers who had fled from other countries.  In Switzerland, John Calvin completed his important book, The Institutes of the Christian Religion, which became the primary guidebook for reformation in many countries.  Eventually, John Calvin became head of both the government and the churches in the Geneva area and the city became a refuge for the new reformers, called Protestants, from all over Europe.  Eventually, this Reformation begun by John Calvin in Europe evolved into the Presbyterian Church in Scotland and, then, America.

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